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Losing Group Coverage

Stay Covered When No Longer Working

Leaving the workplace shouldn’t mean leaving health coverage behind. Individual health plans are available, and you may qualify for subsidies that make them even more affordable. In some cases, the premiums may be lower than COBRA’s premiums.


You may want to explore individual health insurance plan options if:

  • You’re leaving your job for another without health insurance benefits or with a time lapse in between
  • You’re losing your job due to a reduction in force and your COBRA premiums are more than you can afford
  • You’re retiring early and need a plan before Medicare starts at age 65
  • Your child is aging out of your company-sponsored group coverage (usually at 26) and needs an affordable plan

These are just some of the scenarios that may make an individual health insurance plan a more-affordable choice for you or your dependents. Our licensed insurance agents can check if you qualify for subsidies, compare plans and help you enroll.

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