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Dependent Subsidy

Coverage for You and Your Dependents

Changes in recent legislation or your own life events could mean you or your dependents now qualify for subsidies in the Affordable Care Act Marketplace (also called the Exchange), possibly lowering your healthcare premiums. If you or family members previously were ineligible for Marketplace subsidies due to your income, the federal government has changed who is eligible and how subsidies are calculated, and you may now qualify.


You may want to explore individual health insurance plan options if:

  • Your income qualifies you or your dependents for ACA subsidies, which potentially make ACA plans more affordable than your employer-sponsored group plans
  • Your spouse is under 65 (and not eligible for Medicare yet) and needs affordable insurance
  • You or your dependents are not eligible for company benefits
  • Your child is aging out of your company-sponsored group coverage (usually at 26) and needs an affordable plan


These are just some of the scenarios that may make an individual health insurance plan a more-affordable choice for you or your dependents. Our licensed insurance agents can check if you qualify for subsidies, compare plans and help you enroll.

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